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PAD Green Ø 406 - Repex Floor
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PAD Green Ø 406

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PAD Green Ø 406 PD406VER

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PAD Green Ø 406

PAD Green Ø 406

PAD Green Ø 406 for 4D single disc brush

Pack of 5


The PAD Green Ø 406 is a versatile tool that is particularly useful in the surface treatment industry. Designed with medium aggressiveness, it offers optimum efficiency in a variety of applications, including scrubbing, effective cleaning of heavily soiled floors, preparation of hard floors for the application of a new finish, and stripping of soft floors such as linoleum or flexible vinyl.

Sanding :

PAD Green Ø 406 is an excellent choice for sanding surfaces. Scrubbing consists of lightly levelling the surface of the floor, smoothing out imperfections and creating a uniform texture in preparation for the application of a new finish, such as a varnish or protective coat. The medium-aggressive characteristic of this PAD removes small bumps and residues of previous finishing products, while creating an ideal surface for the new topcoat to adhere to.

Effective cleaning of heavily soiled floors:

When floors are heavily soiled, whether in industrial, commercial or residential environments subject to heavy traffic, PAD Green Ø 406 is an invaluable ally. Its ability to remove ingrained dirt, stubborn stains and stubborn residues makes it ideal for restoring a clean, fresh appearance to surfaces. It is often used to clean tiled, natural stone and concrete floors, as well as parquet.

Preparing hard floors for a new finish:

Before applying a new coat of finish to hard floors, it is essential to properly prepare the surface. PAD Green Ø 406 is suitable for this task, as it removes previous coatings, reduces roughness and smoothes the surface for re-application. It can be used on concrete, stone, terrazzo and even wooden floors to remove old layers of varnish, wax or finishing products.

Stripping Soft Floors (Linoleum, Soft Vinyl) :

PAD Green Ø 406 is also used for stripping soft floors such as linoleum and soft vinyl. These types of floor sometimes require complete renovation, which involves removing old layers of wax and polish. PAD Green is able to strip these layers effectively without damaging the underlying surface, preparing the floor for a new finish.

In short, the PAD Green Ø 406 is an extremely versatile tool, characterised by its medium aggressiveness. It excels in a variety of applications, from scrubbing and preparing hard floors for new finishes, to effectively cleaning heavily soiled floors and stripping soft floors. Its use maintains the integrity of surfaces while delivering quality renovation and preparation results. It's a valuable asset for surface treatment professionals.

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PAD Green Ø 406

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