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PAD Beige Ø 406  - Repex Floor
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PAD Beige Ø 406

Reference -PD406BEI

PAD Beige Ø 406 PD406BEI

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PAD Beige Ø 406

PAD Beige Ø 406 

PAD Beige Ø 406 for 4D single disc brush

Pack of 5


The PAD Beige Ø 406, despite its non-abrasive nature, is an essential multi-functional tool in the surface treatment industry, particularly renowned for its cleaning, scrubbing and polishing applications, and above all, for giving a shiny appearance to treated surfaces. This type of PAD is mainly used in the fields of floor renovation, floor covering maintenance, and in various industries requiring an impeccable finish and a shiny surface.


One of the main functions of PAD Beige Ø 406 is to effectively clean surfaces. Its non-abrasive composition enables it to remove dirt, dust, stains and residues of finishing products, while preserving the integrity of the surface. It is particularly suitable for cleaning marble, stone and vinyl floors, as well as tiles and parquet. Regular use helps to keep areas clean and hygienic, while extending the life of floor coverings.

Sanding :

Sanding is an essential part of surface preparation before applying new finishes. PAD Beige Ø 406 is perfectly suited to this task, as it lightly flattens the surface, smoothes out imperfections and ensures optimum adhesion of subsequent finishing coats. Thanks to its non-abrasive action, it does not risk damaging the surface while providing an even result, which is particularly important when renovating natural stone or marble floors.

Polishing :

Polishing is a crucial step in giving surfaces a shiny appearance. PAD Beige Ø 406 is commonly used to polish surfaces after the application of finishing products such as waxes, varnishes or resins. It creates a glossy, smooth sheen, improving not only the aesthetics but also the scratch and stain resistance of the surface. Marble, polished concrete, terrazzo and granite floors are particularly susceptible to this type of treatment to achieve a refined appearance.

Glossy appearance :

The most distinctive application of PAD Beige Ø 406 is to give surfaces a glossy appearance. This appearance is highly sought-after in many environments, from hotels and exhibition halls to museums, shopping centres and upmarket residential areas. By polishing the surface with this PAD, a smooth, glossy and reflective finish is achieved, creating an attractive visual effect while protecting the surface from external aggression.

All in all, the PAD Beige Ø 406 is a versatile tool in the surface treatment industry, offering significant benefits in the areas of cleaning, roughening, polishing and obtaining a glossy appearance. Regular use improves the appearance of surfaces while preserving their durability and resistance. Whether in the renovation, maintenance or decoration sector, PAD Beige Ø 406 plays an essential role in achieving impeccable, shiny surfaces.

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PAD Beige Ø 406

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