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PAD Black Ø 406

Reference -PD406NOI

PAD Black Ø 406 PD406NOI

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PAD Black Ø 406

PAD Black Ø 406  

PAD Black Ø 406 for 4D single disc brush

Pack of 5


The PAD Black Ø 406 is a robust, powerful accessory designed for highly aggressive tasks in the surface treatment industry. Its use focuses on essential operations such as sanding, scrubbing and stripping, crucial steps in the renovation, floor preparation and maintenance of various types of surface.


Scrubbing is an essential step in preparing floors before applying new finishes, such as varnish, wax or other protective treatments. The PAD Black Ø 406 is the tool of choice for this task, thanks to its high level of aggressiveness. It is capable of effectively removing old top coats, irregularities, scratches and roughness from surfaces, creating a smooth, even base for the new finish. This ability makes it an essential tool for renovating concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors, as well as parquet.

Scrubbing :

Scrubbing involves deep cleaning of floors, removing stubborn deposits, embedded dirt, marks and difficult stains. The PAD Black Ø 406 is specially designed for this task. It is frequently used in industrial and commercial environments where floors are subjected to intensive use. It can be used on tiled, cement, concrete, stone and even ceramic surfaces to restore their cleanliness and new appearance.


Stripping consists of completely removing old top coats, wax, encrusted dirt, and any other undesirable surface residue. The PAD Black Ø 406 is the ideal tool for this operation, thanks to its high level of aggressiveness. It is commonly used on linoleum, vinyl, PVC and other resilient floor coverings to remove old layers of wax and polish, preparing the floor for a new finish.

Using PAD Black Ø 406 requires skilled handling, as its high aggressiveness can damage sensitive surfaces if not used correctly. For this reason, it is often handled by surface treatment professionals who have received appropriate training.

In short, the PAD Black Ø 406 is a robust, highly aggressive tool that is essential for scrubbing, scouring and stripping surfaces. It plays a key role in preparing floors before applying new finishes, in deep cleaning floors subjected to intensive use, and in stripping flexible floor coverings. It is an indispensable tool for maintaining the appearance, cleanliness and durability of surfaces, particularly in demanding commercial and industrial environments.

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PAD Black Ø 406

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