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Motor insulation foam - Repex Floor
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Motor insulation foam

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Motor insulation foam 7006A

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Motor insulation foam

Motor insulation foam

Motor insulation foam for R200 hoover

The main function of the motor insulation foam on the suction head of a hoover is to reduce the noise generated by the hoover motor and to isolate vibrations. It helps to make hoover use quieter by reducing the transmission of noise generated by the motor to the outside of the appliance.

Here are some reasons why you might consider replacing the motor insulation foam:

1. Wear or degradation: Foam can degrade over time due to wear, repeated compression or exposure to moisture. If it shows signs of degradation, it is recommended that it be replaced.

2. Loss of sound insulation effectiveness: If you notice a significant increase in the noise generated by the hoover motor, this could indicate that the insulation foam is no longer performing its function effectively. In this case, replacement may be necessary.

3. Poor fit or installation: If the foam is not installed correctly or has gaps, this could compromise its effectiveness. In such cases, it may be necessary to replace or reinstall it correctly.

In general, the replacement of engine insulation foam is not as frequent as that of certain wearing parts, but it may be necessary over time. Consult Repex Floor, the manufacturer of your R200 hoover, for specific information on replacing this part and the recommended maintenance intervals.

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Motor insulation foam

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