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Coal with shunt - Repex Floor
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Coal with shunt

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Coal with shunt 7002

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Coal with shunt

Coal with shunt

Coal with shunt for R200 hoover and central vacuum units

A shunt carbon is a component used in certain electrical machines, particularly direct current (DC) electric motors.

The shunt carbon is an essential part of the current collector system of these motors.

Here's what it's used for:

1. Current collector : In a DC motor, the current collector is a rotating part that is in electrical contact with the carbon brushes. When the motor is running, the current collector transmits electrical current between the power source (usually a battery or DC source) and the motor coils.

2. Speed control: Shunt brushes are used to adjust the speed of a DC motor. By adjusting the pressure of the carbon brushes against the current collector, the electrical resistance in the circuit can be changed, which influences the speed of the motor. The higher the brush pressure, the lower the resistance, and the higher the motor speed.

3. Current regulation : The shunt is a parallel resistor in the motor circuit. It regulates the current flowing through the motor coils. By adjusting the value of this resistor, you can control the amount of current flowing through the motor, which can be useful to prevent overloading or to adapt the motor to specific needs.

In summary, a shunt commutator in an electrical machine, particularly a DC motor, allows the speed, electrical resistance and current flowing in the motor to be controlled, which is essential for the correct operation of these machines in various applications.

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Coal with shunt

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