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Glue MS260 18KG - Repex Floor
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Reference -WA362007

Glue MS260 18KG WA362007

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Glue MS260 18KG

Glue MS260 18KG

MS260 18KG is a single-component, firmly elastic polymer-based adhesive. It is specially designed for laying various types of parquet (with a minimum thickness of 16 mm and a maximum length of 200 mm), 10 mm solid strip parquet, multi-layer parquet, solid flooring (with a maximum width of 18 cm and oak up to 20 cm), RE/WE end-grain wood, cork flooring (planks) and cork on HDF/MDF with tongue and groove or click system, on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors indoors. WAKOL MS 260 meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17178.

For application, we recommend using a notched trowel with a serration corresponding to TKB standards B3, B11, B13 or B15 for parquet, and standard A2 for cork. The recommended spatulas are the WAKOL Spatula notched special 5 or the WAKOL Spatula toothed special 5.

Estimated consumption is around 700-1500 g/m² for parquet and around 400-450 g/m² for cork. For application with WAKOL Spatula notched 5 or WAKOL Spatula notched 5, consumption is approx. 1700-1800 g/m². 

No waiting time is required after applying the adhesive. Laying time before fixing is approximately 40 minutes.

We recommend storing the adhesive in a cool, dry and frost-free place.

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Glue MS260 18KG

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