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Flexible hoover hose R200 - Repex Floor
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Flexible hoover hose

Reference -7305C

Flexible hoover hose 7305C

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Flexible hoover hose R200

Flexible hoover hose R200

Flexible hoover hose R200 (2m complet)

The R200 hoover hose is an essential component that connects the suction head to the body of the hoover. Its main role is to allow the flow of suction air to be transmitted from the suction head to the hoover tank, where the dust is collected.

Here are some reasons why you might consider replacing the hoover hose:

1. Air leaks: If the hose has cracks, holes or other damage, this can lead to air leaks, reducing the hoover's suction efficiency.

2. Difficulty of use: If the hose is stiff, deformed or no longer bends properly, this can make the hoover difficult to use. A flexible, functional hose is essential for practical use.

3. Obstruction: If the hose is obstructed by debris or other objects, this may hinder the airflow and reduce the hoover's performance.

4. Frequent disconnection: If the hose frequently disconnects from the suction head or hoover body, this may indicate problems with the fittings or the hose itself.

5. General wear and tear: Like any wearing part, the hose can wear out over time, particularly if it is subjected to regular use and harsh conditions.

The best approach to obtaining information specific to your model of R200 hoover is to consult the manufacturer, Repex Floor, who can provide precise advice on hose replacement and other aspects related to the use of their hoover. You can contact us via our customer service department.

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Flexible hoover hose R200

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