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Corner nozzle

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Corner nozzle 7308

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Corner nozzle

Corner nozzle 

Corner nozzle for SIMOUN R200 hoover  

The corner nozzle for the SIMOUN R200 hoover is an accessory designed to reach corners, crevices and other hard-to-reach areas when cleaning. This type of nozzle is suitable for sucking up dirt and dust in narrow places where a wider brush might have difficulty reaching.

In terms of when to change this part, here are some reasons why you might want to consider replacing the corner nozzle:

1. Wear or damage: Like any hoover accessory, the crevice tool can suffer wear and tear over time, particularly if it is used frequently. Signs of wear, cracks or damage may indicate that it is time to replace the nozzle.

2. Difficulty vacuuming effectively: If the angle nozzle is no longer able to vacuum dirt effectively from corners or narrow spaces, this may indicate problems with the design of the attachment or damage that requires replacement.

3. Connection problems: If the angle nozzle does not attach correctly to the suction head or tube, this may affect its operation and require replacement.

4. Loss of efficiency: If you notice a significant reduction in the efficiency of the angle nozzle, even after thorough cleaning, this may be a sign that it has reached the end of its useful life.

5. Changes in suction performance: If you notice a marked reduction in suction performance when using the angle nozzle, this could be linked to problems with the accessory itself.

The best way to obtain information specific to your R200 SIMOUN hoover model is to consult the manufacturer, Repex Floor, directly. We will be able to give you precise advice on replacing the corner nozzle and other aspects of using the hoover. You can contact our customer service department.

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Corner nozzle

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