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Cable gland

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Cable gland 7022

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Cable gland

Cable gland

Cable gland for R200 hoover

A cable gland is a mechanical part that is used to protect and secure the electrical cables that supply the motor. It creates a watertight barrier around the cable to prevent dust and particles from entering the motor, which can damage the sander or even cause a fire hazard.

In a sander, the cable gland is usually located where the power cable enters the motor housing. It is designed to hold the cable in place and prevent it from becoming loose or detached while the sander is in use. This ensures a stable and reliable power supply to the sander motor.

This cable gland is made from plastic. 

The cable gland is also important in terms of safety, as it helps prevent the risk of fire by preventing dust and particles from entering the sander motor and causing potentially dangerous sparks. By protecting the electrical cables, it also reduces the risk of electric shock.

In summary, the cable gland is an important mechanical part, which protects and secures electrical cables and ensures a stable and reliable power supply for the motor. It also protects against the risk of fire and electric shock by preventing dust particles and liquids from entering the motor.

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Cable gland

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