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Drum pulley 2 grooves - Repex Floor
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Drum pulley 2 grooves

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Drum pulley 2 grooves 1108AM

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Drum pulley 2 grooves

2 groove drum pulley

for OURAGAN sander, old model 

The Drum pulley 2 grooves is a crucially important mechanical part in the operation of the sander's sanding system. This part is specially designed to provide a practical and efficient solution.

The 2-groove drum pulley is characterised by two parallel V-shaped grooves on its surface, allowing it to accommodate two belts side by side. 

Despite its usefulness and efficiency, the 2-groove pulley remains a part subject to wear and potential damage, especially if subjected to intensive use. It was therefore essential for users to regularly monitor the condition of this part and check for signs of wear, deformation or damage. If any problems are detected, such as worn grooves, damaged edges or misalignment, it is recommended that the 2-groove drum pulley is replaced to maintain optimum belt sander performance and ensure quality sanding results.

Today, with the evolution of technology and the design of new OURAGAN belt sanders, the 2-groove drum pulley has been replaced by more modern and versatile devices. However, for owners of older OURAGAN belt sanders fitted with this part, it is still essential to keep an eye on its good condition and replace it if necessary, so that you can continue to enjoy efficient, high-quality sanding. And at Repex Floor, we always have the part!

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Drum pulley 2 grooves

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