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Drum cover

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Drum cover 1102

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Drum cover

Drum cover

for OURAGAN PLO belt sander

The drum cover is a rubber plate specially designed to protect and ensure the smooth operation of the sander. This part is essential to guarantee safety while protecting the sanding drum and the sanding belt.

The main purpose of the rubber drum cover is to cover and protect the sanding drum, which is the rotating part of the sander, and the sanding belt used for sanding. By enveloping the drum, it prevents any direct contact with the moving parts of the sander, thus reducing risk during sanding.

The drum cover also acts as a channel for dust and debris generated during sanding. It is designed with openings or fittings to connect an external extraction system, which helps to keep the working environment clean .

Given its protective role, the rubber drum cover is subject to a certain amount of wear and stress during use of the belt sander. It is therefore important to check its condition regularly and replace it if there are any signs of wear, deformation or damage. Cracks or missing parts can compromise its protective and suction effectiveness, while poor fit or suction degradation can lead to problems when sanding.

In conclusion, the rubber drum cover is an essential part of the sander's operation. It is designed to enclose the sanding drum and belt, providing protection and allowing smooth operation. If signs of wear or damage are detected, it is recommended that the rubber drum cover is replaced to ensure user safety, maintain sander performance and extend its life.

It is necessary to replace the rubber drum cover in the following situations:

1. Advanced wear: like any moving rubber part, the drum cover can wear over time and after frequent use. If you notice that the rubber has significant cracks, pronounced deformations or missing parts, it is essential to replace it. Advanced wear of the cover could compromise its protective and suction role, endangering the user and affecting the quality of sanding.

2. Damage: impacts, shocks or inappropriate use can damage the rubber drum cover, reducing its protective and suction effectiveness. If significant tears, cuts or deformations are observed, the cover must be replaced to ensure adequate protection when using the sander.

3. Poor fit: if the drum cover does not fit correctly on the sander or if it has fixing problems, it may not fulfil its protective or dust extraction role effectively. In this case, it is necessary to replace the cover to maintain user safety and the efficiency of the dust extraction system.

4. Reduced suction: if the rubber drum cover has leaks or damage that affects the efficiency of the suction system, this can lead to excessive dust build-up during sanding. If you notice a significant reduction in suction, it's time to replace the cover to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

In summary, the rubber drum cover should be replaced if it becomes worn, damaged, does not fit properly or suction is reduced. Make sure you choose a quality replacement cover and follow the Repex Floor after-sales service instructions. Regular replacement of the rubber drum cover will ensure safety, maintain the performance of the sander and extend its life.

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Drum cover

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