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Bearing cage nozzle - Repex Floor
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Bearing cage nozzle

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Bearing cage nozzle 1103

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Bearing cage nozzle

Bearing cage nozzle

Bearing cage nozzle for OURAGAN sander 

The bearing cage nozzle on the drum shaft of a belt sander is a mechanical part that plays an important role in holding and guiding the sanding drum. The sanding drum is the rotating part of the belt sander that supports the sanding belt. The bearing cage nozzle is fixed to and surrounds the drum shaft, providing support and guidance for the movement of the drum.

The role of the bearing cage nozzle is to allow the sanding drum to rotate freely and smoothly while avoiding excessive friction between the drum and the shaft. This ensures that the sanding drum rotates smoothly, which is essential for uniform and accurate sanding of surfaces.

When should I consider changing the bearing cage nozzle on the drum shaft?

1. Wear: like any moving mechanical part, the bearing cage nozzle can wear out over time, especially if the sander is used frequently. If you notice signs of wear such as deformation, signs of excessive friction or irregular movement of the sanding drum, it's time to change the bearing cage nozzle.

2. Damage: shocks or impacts can damage the bearing cage nozzle, leading to incorrect rotation of the sanding drum or guiding problems.

3. Malfunction: if the sanding drum has play or moves abnormally during operation of the sander, this may be due to a problem with the bearing cage nozzle.

4. Abnormal noises: if you hear unusual noises, grinding or metal rubbing when using the belt sander, this may be due to a problem with the bearing cage nozzle.

In conclusion, the bearing cage nozzle on the drum shaft is a crucial part in ensuring that the sanding drum works properly. If you notice any signs of wear, damage, malfunction or abnormal noise when using the belt sander, it is recommended that you replace the bearing cage nozzle. Make sure you choose a quality replacement bearing cage nozzle and follow Repex Floor's after-sales service instructions for its installation. Regular replacement of the bearing cage nozzle will help to ensure optimum performance of the belt sander and prolong its life.

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Bearing cage nozzle

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