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Jaw drum - Repex Floor
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Jaw drum

Reference -1101

Jaw drum 1101

works with abrasive references ending in 50T and 50M

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Jaw drum

Jaw drum  

Jaw drum for Ouragan heavy-duty sanders.

Fits all Repex Floor belt sanders. 

The standard jaw drum for Ouragan heavy-duty sanders is an essential component of the sander. It is a drum fitted with clamping jaws that hold the abrasive used for sanding in place.

Here are a few things to consider about this part:

1. How it works : The jaw drum is designed to hold the abrasive firmly in place during sanding. The jaws of the drum clamp around the abrasive, providing a secure hold. This allows the user to perform sanding jobs efficiently and accurately, avoiding slippage or unwanted movement of the abrasive.

2. Replacement part: Like any other wearing part, the jaw drum can wear out over time and require replacement. Having a spare drum is therefore important to ensure that your Ouragan sander continues to work properly. It is advisable to check the condition of the drum regularly and to replace it if the jaws are worn, damaged or no longer grip the abrasive effectively.

3. Availability: As the standard drum for Ouragan heavy duty sanders is a common component, it is generally easy to find as a spare part on the Repex Floor website. You can't get this part in specialist sander tool and accessory shops that it is manufactured in-house.

In conclusion, the standard jaw drum for Ouragan heavy duty sanders is an essential part for keeping your sander in good working order. It provides a solid hold for the abrasive.

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Jaw drum

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