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Zirconium disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80 - Repex Floor
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Zirconium disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80

Reference -NTC150ZI080

Zirconium disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80 NTC150ZI080

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Zirconium disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80

Zirconium disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80  

Zirconium disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80 for edger and 4D monobrush - Suitable for 4D and 5D Decks 

Packed in packs of 50.


Zirconium Disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80 is traditionally blue in colour, and we strongly advise against buying a green disc. The grains on the latter are overcooked and won't hold properly.
Zirconium is an ideal material for sanding metal. It is used to achieve faster, more effective sanding results on difficult-to-treat materials. It is particularly good for roughing, but can also cause micro-scratches.
Zirconium is a chemical element represented by the symbol Zr. It is a grey-white, hard and malleable metal, mainly found in nature in the form of a mineral called zircon.In the field of sanding, zirconium is frequently used as an abrasive material. These abrasives are generally manufactured by mixing zirconium with other abrasive materials and then bonding them with resin or rubber. It should be noted, however, that there are many variants on the market containing an excessive proportion of zirconium coupled with silicon carbide, resulting in inferior sanding quality. When these discs break, the grains can no longer be resharpened.
Zirconium abrasives are valued for their ability to quickly remove difficult-to-sand materials such as hard metals, alloys and composites. In addition, zirconium has a high resistance to heat and wear, making it a useful material for high-temperature sanding or for rough, tough surfaces.Did you know that zirconium is extremely resistant to corrosion? This is why it is widely used in a variety of applications, including the production of nuclear reactors, pipes, sheets and other components for the chemical and oil and gas industries. It is also used in the manufacture of jewellery, watches and other high-end products because of its resistance to oxidation and its ability to be polished to a lasting shine.
Finally, zirconium is used in alloys, notably with niobium, hafnium and titanium, to produce materials that are highly resistant to heat and corrosion, such as aircraft turbines and rocket engines.

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Zirconium disc Ø 150 velcro grain 80

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