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Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY - Repex Floor
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Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY

Reference -ELEC3G15

Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY ELEC3G15

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Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY

Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY 

Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY  1,5MM² (blue)  for sander PLO Ouragan and edgers : BLE BLO 

A 230V overmoulded cable is an essential component for transmitting power to these machines.

Here's what it does in general and a few indications of when it might be necessary to change this part:

Role of the overmoulded cable :

1. Transmission of electrical power: The main function of the overmoulded cable is to supply the electrical power needed by the machine. It carries electricity from the power source to the machine to enable it to operate.

When to change the overmoulded cable :

1. Physical damage: Any physical damage, such as cuts, cracks, deformations, or exposure of the internal wires, may require replacement of the cable. Damage may occur as a result of intensive use, incorrect handling or accidents.

2. Wear: Normal wear and tear from regular use can weaken the cable insulation. If you notice any signs of wear, such as stripped areas, it is recommended that you replace the cable for safety reasons.

3. Electrical malfunction: If the machine is not receiving a consistent power supply, or if you notice fluctuations in the current, the cable may be at fault and require replacement.

4. Regular inspection: Even if there are no obvious signs of damage, regular inspections of the overmolded cable are recommended. This can be part of preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

It is essential to follow Repex Floor's recommendations regarding maintenance, replacement and use of electrical components. If you notice any problems with the overmolded cable, it is strongly recommended that you have it replaced by a qualified professional to ensure the safety and proper operation of the equipment. As the cable is a crucial element in electrical safety, any potential problem should be treated seriously.

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Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY

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