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Multiclip Sert-seal - Repex Floor
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Multiclip Sert-seal

Reference -A00039

Multiclip Sert-seal A00039

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Multiclip Sert-seal

Multiclip Sert-seal

Multiclip Sert-seal: pull-strip ferrule for fixing and pressing wooden parts for assembly or gluing, bundling cables, rods or wires, securing pipes etc.

Highly resistant and non-glueable plastic.

Max. clamping force 1 kN.

Clamping diameter 12 to 100 mm.

The Multiclip Sert attached to a sander is of paramount importance in ensuring the secure attachment of components, which contributes significantly to the stability and efficiency of the overall mechanism. It is necessary to consider replacing this part when signs of wear, deformation or reduced performance become evident. Manifestations such as frequent loosening, excessive vibration, or noticeable instability during use can signal the immediate need to replace the Multiclip Sert joint.

By acting proactively to replace this part as soon as these signs appear, the operational reliability of the sander can be maintained and more serious problems avoided. The Multiclip Sert joint, as a clamping component, is essential to ensure user safety and the quality of the sanding work. Preventive replacement not only helps to maintain the sander's optimum performance, but also prevents potential damage to other components, ensuring a longer tool life.

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Multiclip Sert-seal

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