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Suction turbine

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Suction turbine 4201

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Suction turbine

Suction turbine

Suction turbine for Zephyr edger.

The suction turbine plays an essential role in eliminating debris, chips and dust generated during the sanding or woodworking process. Parquet edging often generates waste that needs to be removed quickly to maintain a clean working environment and ensure optimum machine performance.

The suction turbine creates an airflow that draws waste from the work area, transports it through a dust collection system and deposits it in a dust bin or bag. Not only does this improve working conditions by reducing the amount of dust in the air, but it also helps to prolong the life of the machine by preventing the build-up of debris that could lead to performance problems or damage.

When it's time to change the suction turbine depends on a number of factors, including how often the edger is used, the nature of the materials being worked on, and how well the machine is maintained in general. Here are a few signs that might indicate that it's time to replace the suction turbine:

1. Decrease in suction performance: If you notice that the machine is not sucking as effectively as before, this may indicate wear on the turbine.

2. Unusual noises: Strange noises coming from the turbine may indicate internal problems or damage.

3. Visible signs of wear: Inspect the turbine regularly for obvious signs of wear, such as broken blades, cracks or other damage.

4. Preventive maintenance: Follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for preventive maintenance. If the edger manual indicates a specific replacement interval for the turbine, follow these guidelines.

For specific information on your floor edger, contact the after-sales service for personalised advice on maintenance and parts replacement.

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Suction turbine

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