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Bag holder rail

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Bag holder rail 4204

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Bag holder rail

Bag holder rail

Bag holder rail Zephyr edger

The vacuum bag holder rod on a parquet edger is an important component that plays a part in the process of sucking up the dust and debris generated during parquet sanding. Here's what it's used for and when it may need changing:

1. Debris extraction: The bag-holder rod is designed to hold in place an extraction bag which collects the dust generated during floor sanding. It helps to maintain a cleaner working environment by sucking up fine particles that would otherwise be dispersed in the air.

2. Improved air quality: By sucking up dust during the sanding process, the bag-holder rod helps to improve air quality in the work area. This is particularly important for the health of operators and to prevent dust being dispersed to other parts of the room.

3. Prevent clogging: By trapping the dust in the dust bag, the bag-holder rod helps to prevent clogging in the floor edger's dust extraction system. This ensures that the suction remains effective during sanding.

When to change the bag-holder rod depends on its condition and efficiency. If the rod is damaged, bent or shows signs of wear that compromise its operation, it is advisable to replace it. In addition, if the vacuum bag is full, it is important to empty it or replace it in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

In general, regular maintenance of the bag-holder rod and the vacuum system will help to ensure optimum performance of the floor edger and extend its life.

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Bag holder rail

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