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Drum pulley PSL

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Drum pulley PSL 9011

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Drum pulley PSL

Drum pulley PSL

Drum pulley PSL ALIZE sander  

The drum pulley in a belt sander is an essential part that drives the belt sander drum. The drum is the part of the belt sander that rotates and drives the sanding belt that is used to sand surfaces. The drum pulley is often made of rubber or aluminium and is attached to the drum shaft.

The operation of the drum pulley is quite simple. When the sander is switched on, the motor drives the belt which is connected to the motor pulley. The belt is then connected to the drum pulley via another belt or other transmission system. When the drum pulley rotates, it drives the belt sander drum, which causes the sanding belt to rotate. The speed of rotation of the drum pulley is often adjustable to allow optimum use of the sanding belt.

The drum pulley is important for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that the sanding belt remains taut and in place on the drum, which is crucial for efficient and even sanding. It also allows the speed of the sanding belt to be adjusted, which is important for adapting the belt sander to different surfaces and types of material.

Finally, the drum pulley is often equipped with a tensioning system to adjust the belt tension. This ensures that a constant tension is maintained on the sanding belt, which guarantees longer use of the sanding belt and even wear of the belt. The constant tension of the sanding belt also reduces vibrations and noise during the use of the belt sander.

In summary, the drum pulley in a belt sander is an important part that drives the belt sander drum and regulates the speed of the sanding belt. It is also equipped with a tensioning system to maintain a constant tension on the sanding belt and ensure efficient and even sanding.

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Drum pulley PSL

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