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Vacuum Cleaner Basket - Repex Floor
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Vacuum Cleaner Basket

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Vacuum Cleaner Basket 9804

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Vacuum Cleaner Basket

Vacuum Cleaner Basket

for PSL sander

The Vacuum cleaner Basket on the Alizé sander is an essential component of the machine, designed to collect dust and debris generated during sanding. Its role is to keep the working environment clean by sucking up fine dust particles, which has a number of advantages:

- It helps maintain a clean workspace by preventing dust from becoming airborne.

- It helps to improve visibility of the surface you are sanding, so you get a better sanding result.

- It reduces the user's exposure to potentially harmful dust.

Wear points on the vacuum basket of the Alizé sander :

1. Clogging: As the vacuum basket collects dust, it can become clogged, reducing its suction efficiency. You should check the basket regularly to ensure that it is not completely blocked by accumulated dust.

2. Filter wear : The vacuum basket is usually fitted with a filter to trap fine dust particles. If the filter is clogged or worn, it may reduce the suction capacity of the basket. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the filter.

3. Physical damage: The vacuum basket may suffer physical damage, such as cracks or breakage, as a result of using the sander in difficult conditions or accidental contact with objects. Any damage of this nature may reduce the efficiency of the basket and require replacement.

When to replace the vacuum basket :

When to replace the vacuum basket on the Alizé sander will depend on its specific condition, but here are some common indicators that suggest it is time to change it:

1. Loss of suction: If you notice that the basket is sucking up dust less and less effectively, even after cleaning the filter and emptying the accumulated dust, this may indicate that the basket is worn and that it's time to replace it.

2. Visible damage: If you notice any cracks, breaks or other visible damage to the vacuum basket, it is advisable to replace it to avoid any loss of efficiency or risk of dust dispersion.

3. Poor attachment: If the basket no longer attaches properly to the sander or does not stay in place during use, it may need to be replaced to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Be sure to consult your Alizé sander's user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions on replacing the vacuum basket, as procedures may vary from model to model.

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Vacuum Cleaner Basket

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