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Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L - Repex Floor
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Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L

Reference -BL03051428

Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L BL03051428
Can be recoated without primer

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Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L

Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L

Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L


Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L: Aqua-Polyurethane in water phase

Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L, specially designed for parquet flooring, furniture, worktops and interior woodwork. This water-based, pigment-based solution is ready to use. Suitable for all types of wood, it is easy to apply evenly, leaving no visible streaks or joints, making it particularly suitable for large surfaces.

This colour can be covered directly with any type of finish (sealant, oil or wax - solvent or water-based), without the need for a primer.

What's more, all the colours can be mixed together, offering an infinite range of possibilities for creating customised shades.


  • Ready to use on opening
  • Ideal for large surfaces
  • Application without leaving visible marks
  • Directly recoatable, no primer required
  • Compatible with all types of finish
  • Can be applied to all types of wood
  • Shades can be mixed

Approximate coverage (depending on substrate): 15 m² per litre per coat

Dust dry in 15 to 30 minutes and can be recoated after 8 hours.


Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L should be applied to bare, clean, dry, healthy wood.

  • Parquet floors must be levelled by sanding. 
  • If there are joints between the strips, it is advisable to apply a wood mastic binder beforehand to avoid over-staining.
  • New woodwork should be carefully sanded with 120 grit to ensure that the surface is as even as possible.
  • Do not use steel wool (risk of corrosion stains).


Shake Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L thoroughly before use.

  • Apply evenly using a brush, spalter or short-haired roller, working in small areas and in the direction of the wood.
  • As you work, wipe the surface gradually with a lint-free cotton cloth, or use a single-brush machine fitted with a beige pad for large surfaces. This method ensures perfect evenness and good adhesion of the finish.
  • After approximately 8 hours drying time, cover with the desired finish: sealant, varnish, oils or waxes. If you apply a water-based sealant, varnish or oil, remember to sand lightly before applying the final coat of finish.
  • For a 'white' colour on tannic woods such as oak or chestnut, it is recommended, for professional use only, to add 20% Aqua Pro Blanchon Hardener to the wood stain.
  • The recommended finishes are Iceberg Varnish or Biosourced Environmental Oil

Store away from frost (take care when storing in vehicles).

After use, recork carefully.

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Pigmented wood tint Gold Oak 5L

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