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Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100 - Repex Floor
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Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100

Reference -150GR100

Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100 150GR100

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Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100

Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100

High-performance Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100 for 4D single-brush machines

Packed in packs of 50


These top-quality ceramic discs, with a diameter of Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100, offer an unrivalled sanding solution. These discs are specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements when working with wood, metal or other materials requiring a precise, impeccable finish.

One of the major advantages of these discs is their ability to extract dust from the entire surface of the disc or pad. This exceptional performance is made possible by an extremely open mesh, specifically designed to limit heating during sanding. This feature not only helps to maintain a clean working environment, but also increases sanding efficiency by preventing the material from overheating.

The abrasive mesh used in these discs is exceptionally flexible and thick, ensuring an impeccable finish without leaving unsightly marks. The flexibility of the mesh allows it to adapt perfectly to the surface to be sanded, guaranteeing a smooth, professional end result.

Another significant advantage is the exceptional longevity of the abrasive mesh. Its durability means it can be used for long periods without compromising the quality of the sanding. What's more, the ceramic grain, renowned for its strength and durability, retains its cutting power throughout its use. This feature is essential for ensuring consistent, high-quality results over time, reducing the frequency of disc replacement and optimising operating costs.

In summary, high quality Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100 offer an exceptional sanding solution with notable advantages such as optimal dust extraction, a flexible and durable abrasive mesh and exceptional longevity of the ceramic grit. These features make it the ideal choice for demanding professionals looking for unrivalled performance and results when sanding.

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Ceramic disc Ø150 grain 100

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