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Roller lever

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Roller lever 1405

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Roller lever

Roller lever

for OURAGAN sander 

The roller lever on an Ouragan heavy duty sander is an essential component for adjusting and controlling the pressure of the roller on the sanding surface. It performs several important functions:

1. **Pressure adjustment:** The roller lever allows the operator to adjust the pressure of the roller on the sanding surface. This may be necessary to suit different materials or to adjust the sanding depth.

2. **Sander stability:** It helps to maintain the stability of the sander by holding the roller in the desired position. Adequate pressure is crucial to obtain a uniform sanding result.

As for wear points on the roller lever, here's what you should look out for:

1. **Wear on the adjustment mechanisms:** The lever's adjustment mechanisms can wear over time due to repeated use. This can manifest itself as excessive play, difficult or irregular lever movements, or problems maintaining the desired pressure.

2. **Physical damage:** Physical damage, such as bends, cracks or deformation of the lever, may affect its correct operation. If you notice such damage, it is generally recommended that you replace the part.

3. **Uncontrollable movements:** If the roller lever is unable to maintain stable pressure or if it moves unexpectedly during use, this may indicate a problem with wear or failure of the mechanism.

When it is time to replace the roller lever depends on how often the sander is used, the quality of the original part and the rigour of the sanding work carried out. If you notice any signs of significant wear, damage or problems with the operation of the lever, it is best to replace it quickly. A roller lever in good condition is essential to maintain the quality of your sanding work and to ensure the safety of the operator.

As with any spare part, it is recommended that you follow our Ouragan sander manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and replacement of specific components. This will help maintain the optimum performance of your sander and extend its life.

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Roller lever

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