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Belt PLO - Repex Floor
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Belt PLO

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Belt PLO 1010

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Belt PLO

Belt PLO 

Belt PLO OURAGAN sander

A belt is a wear part used to drive the movement of the sander's drum and sanding belt. The belt is made of rubber and fits around the pulleys of the belt sander. When the sander is running, the belt transmits the motor's power to the rollers, which moves the sanding belt forward, allowing the sanding to be carried out.

The belt is a crucial part of the belt sander because it ensures that the sanding system works properly. A belt in good condition will allow efficient transmission of power from the motor to the sanding belt, ensuring even, efficient sanding.

When should I consider changing the belt on an OURAGAN belt sander?

1. Wear and tear: the belt is a wearing part that undergoes constant friction during use of the sander. Over time, it can wear, deteriorate or crack. If you notice any signs of wear, such as cracks, deformation or a worn appearance, it's time to replace the belt.

2. Slipping: a worn or badly adjusted belt can slip on the sander's rollers or pulleys, resulting in a loss of sanding efficiency.

3. Loss of power: a belt in poor condition can lead to a loss of motor power, which can affect the performance of the sander and the quality of the sanding.

4. Abnormal noises: if you hear unusual noises, grinding or creaking noises when using the belt sander, this may be due to a problem with the belt.

In short, the belt is essential to ensure that the sanding system works properly. If you notice any signs of wear, slipping, loss of power or abnormal noises when using the belt sander, it is recommended that you replace the belt. Make sure you choose a quality Repex Floor replacement belt. Regular belt replacement will help ensure optimum performance from your sander and extend its life.

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Belt PLO

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