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Poly Plus waxed oak varnish 10L - Repex Floor
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Poly Plus waxed oak varnish 10L

Reference -BL09143349

Blanchon Poly Plus waxed oak varnish 10L BL09143349

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Poly Plus waxed oak varnish 10L

Poly Plus waxed oak varnish 10L  

Poly Plus waxed oak varnish 10L is a two-component, polyurethane-based parquet sealer that adds a warm colour to wood. Its low level of odour makes it easy to apply. This highly versatile parquet sealer is ideal for domestic use.

Warning: must be used with Hardener ref BL06143304

Poly Plus has excellent adhesion and flexibility, enabling all types of parquet and floors to be sealed for a long time. It is specially designed for use with all commonly encountered wood species.

Benefits :

  • High technical quality.
  • Exceptionally easy to apply.
  • Adds a warm colour to floors.
  • Very attractive final appearance.
  • Low odour.
  • Excellent filling power.
  • Versatile, suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Suitable for all sealants, including exotic woods.
  • Suitable for domestic use.
  • Easy dosing with graduated jerrycans.
  • Can be applied to N/A Hardgrounds.


From time to time, it is advisable to damp mop the floor with a well wrung-out cloth to avoid run-off. Spot stains and marks can be easily removed using a cleaner from the Blanchon range or a neutral detergent at normal concentration.

Important: It is essential to wait 10 days before applying the first coat, to allow the Poly Plus sealant to dry thoroughly.

Do not use single brushes, mops, polishes, waxes or other products likely to create a slippery or shiny appearance.

Parquet floors sealed with Poly Plus and subjected to heavy traffic should be maintained with a metalising renovator and a cleaner from the Banchon range. The frequency of maintenance depends on the level of traffic.


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Poly Plus waxed oak varnish 10L

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