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PAD Red Ø 300 - Repex Floor
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PAD Red Ø 300

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PAD Red Ø 300 PD300RED

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PAD Red Ø 300

PAD Red Ø 300 

PAD Red Ø 300 for 4D single disc brush

Pack of 5


The PAD Red Ø 300 is an essential and versatile tool in the surface treatment industry, renowned for its low abrasive power and effectiveness in a variety of applications. It is highly appreciated by professionals who want to work on a variety of surfaces, from hardwood, marble and terrazzo to cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Use on hardwoods:

The PAD Red Ø 300 is particularly suited to working on hardwoods, such as oak, beech, cherry, teak, and others. Its gentleness makes it an ideal choice for sensitive surfaces, with no risk of damaging the wood. It can be used to remove light scratches, smooth imperfections and restore the natural beauty of wood. As a result, it is the tool of choice for sanding, polishing and preserving wood floors, furniture and other hardwood items.

Very Dirty Floor Cleaning :

When floors are heavily soiled, with stubborn stains and residues, particularly in high-traffic industrial, commercial or residential environments, PAD Rouge Ø 300 proves to be an effective solution. It has been specially designed to remove encrusted dirt without causing excessive damage to the floor surface. This makes it an invaluable tool for cleaning linoleum, vinyl, PVC and tile floors, restoring their original appearance.

Use on marble and terrazzo:

The PAD Rouge Ø 300 is also very useful for polishing and maintaining marble and terrazzo surfaces. These materials are often used in high-end environments where a glossy appearance is essential. This PAD has the ability to revive the shine of these surfaces while protecting them from potential damage. It can be used to remove light marks and maintain their elegant appearance.

Cleaning and maintenance :

In addition to the specific applications mentioned above, the PAD Rouge Ø 300 is also used in regular cleaning and maintenance operations. Its ability to remove dirt, residues and light marks while keeping the surface in good condition makes it a versatile tool for professional cleaning services and floor maintenance. It is compatible with a variety of surfaces, making it an indispensable tool for commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

In short, the PAD Rouge Ø 300 is an extremely versatile tool, characterised by its low abrasive power. It is highly effective at working on a variety of surfaces, from hardwood to marble and terrazzo, while excelling at cleaning and maintenance tasks. Its ability to preserve materials while delivering quality cleaning, renovation and maintenance results makes it an indispensable asset for surface treatment professionals.

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PAD Red Ø 300

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