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Medium dust bag model BLO - Repex Floor
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Medium dust bag model BLO

Reference -RPXBAG02

Medium dust bag model BLO RPXBAG02

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Medium dust bag model BLO

Medium dust bag model BLO

Medium dust bag model BLO for edger 

Using a dust bag with a BLO edger offers a number of significant advantages:

1. Dust control: Sanding often generates a large amount of dust. Using a dust bag on your Ouragan sander collects most of this dust, helping to keep your workplace clean and reduce the risks associated with inhaling fine particles.

2. Health and safety: Inhaling dust can be harmful to your health, especially if you are exposed to high levels for a long time. The use of a dust bag helps prevent the inhalation of these fine particles, thereby protecting your respiratory tract and avoiding the health problems associated with dust.

3. Better visibility: By removing dust from the surface you're sanding, you improve visibility of the work area. This makes it easier for you to spot imperfections or defects on the surface, contributing to a better-quality end result.

4. Ease of cleaning: Using a dust bag greatly simplifies the cleaning process after you've finished sanding. Instead of scattering the dust around the room, you can simply remove the bag and empty it into a bin, saving time and reducing the need for extra cleaning.

In conclusion, adding a dust bag to your BLO edger helps to keep your working environment clean, protect your health and improve the quality of your sanding work by providing better visibility.

When to change the dust bag on your edger depends on a number of factors, including the amount of dust generated during sanding and the bag's capacity.

Here are some general guidelines for when you may need to change the dust bag:

1. Maximum capacity reached : If the dust bag reaches its maximum capacity, it should be emptied or replaced. Some bags are fitted with devices or visual indicators to show when they are full.

2. Decrease in suction: If you notice a significant decrease in the suction power of the plasterer, this may indicate that the bag is full and that it is time to change it.

3. Dust leaks: If you notice dust leaking around the bag or the suction area, this may mean that the bag is damaged or no longer fits properly. In this case, we recommend that you replace the bag.

4. Reduced sanding efficiency: If you notice that the edger is not sanding as efficiently as before, this may be due to a full or clogged dust bag.

5. Maintenance intervals: Some manufacturers recommend regular replacement of the dust bag as part of a preventive maintenance programme. Consult your edger's user manual or Repex Floor's manufacturer's recommendations for recommended intervals.

It is important to note that the frequency with which you should change the dust bag may vary depending on the type of work you do and the amount of dust generated. Regular monitoring of the condition of the bag, combining visual observation with the use of built-in indicators if available, is essential to ensure optimum operation of the edger and to maintain a clean working environment.

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Medium dust bag model BLO

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