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Turbine protection plate - Repex Floor
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Turbine protection plate

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3205 Turbine protection plate

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Turbine protection plate

Turbine protection plate

Turbine protection plate for BLO edger

The turbine protection plate on a BLO flanging machine is a component designed to protect the machine's suction turbine.

Here are its main functions and when it may need changing:

1. Turbine protection: The main role of the protection plate is to prevent potential damage to the suction turbine. It acts as a physical barrier that prevents debris, dust or other particles that may be sucked in by the machine from entering the turbine directly.

2. Prevention of obstructions: By preventing debris from entering the turbine, the guard helps to prevent obstructions that could reduce suction efficiency. This ensures continuous, optimum operation of the edger.

When to change the turbine guard depends on a number of factors:

1. Damage : If the guard is damaged, bent or cracked, it is recommended that it be replaced. Damage can compromise its ability to protect the turbine effectively.

2. Normal wear and tear: Because of its role in protecting against debris, sheet metal can undergo normal wear and tear over time. Regular inspection can detect signs of wear, such as perforations or corrosion, indicating the need for replacement.

3. Preventive maintenance: Some manufacturers may recommend the periodic replacement of parts, including the cover plate, as part of a preventive maintenance plan to avoid potential breakdowns.

It is important to contact the flange manufacturer Repex Floor for specific recommendations on maintenance and replacement of the turbine guard. If damage is detected during the regular inspection or if the edger shows signs of loss of suction efficiency, it is advisable to have the machine inspected by a qualified technician. This professional will be able to assess the condition of the protective plate and recommend replacement if necessary to ensure the flange machine continues to operate correctly.

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Turbine protection plate

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