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Long disc holder

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Long disc holder 4L0000

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Long disc holder

Long disc holder

Spare part for Zephyr BLE Long disc holder

35CM longer

For sanding in inaccessible areas, under stairs, under cupboard shelves etc.

The 35 cm Extended Long disc holder spare part offers an innovative solution for easier sanding in hard-to-reach areas. Designed specifically to meet the needs of use under stairs, cupboard shelves, radiators and other tight spaces, this extension brings greater flexibility and efficiency to your edging machine.

By adding an extra 35 cm to the flanging disc door, you benefit from an extended reach that makes it possible to reach previously inaccessible places. This feature is particularly useful for professional sanders, craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts who want to achieve impeccable results even in the tightest corners of their projects.

The ergonomic design of this replacement ensures easy handling and precise control when sanding. It fits perfectly with your existing edging machine, offering a practical solution without the need to buy additional equipment.

Whether you're renovating old staircases, preparing surfaces under cupboard shelves or meticulously sanding around radiators, the 35 cm extended edging disc holder is the ideal accessory to optimise your sanding work, ensuring a professional result in every situation.

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Long disc holder

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