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Socket connector

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Socket connector 4603

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Connecting nozzle

Connecting nozzle

Connecting nozzle for Zephyr edger 

The connection nozzle is used to connect to the back of the Zephyr plasterer's tube for the connection of a SIMOUN R200 or central hoover 7500.

The purpose of the connection end is to enable the machine to be connected to a hoover, in this case a SIMOUN R200 hoover or a 7500 central unit. This nozzle facilitates the establishment of a connection between the edging machine and the hoover, allowing the dust generated during the sanding process to be sucked up.

When is it necessary to change the connection nozzle?

1. Connection malfunction: If the connection tip shows signs of malfunction, it may need to be replaced (loss of suction, etc).

2. Wear and tear or physical damage: Natural wear and tear due to prolonged use, physical damage such as cracks, deformation or breakage may render the nozzle ineffective and require replacement.

3. Change of hoover or configuration: If you are considering changing your hoover model or connection system, it may be necessary to replace the nozzle to ensure proper compatibility.

4. Regular inspection: As with any component, regular inspections of the connector are recommended to ensure it is in good working order. This can be part of preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

It is vital to follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for the maintenance and replacement of components, including the connector. Maintenance instructions may vary depending on the model and year of manufacture of the machine.

If you are experiencing problems with the connection nozzle on your Zephyr edger, or if you are planning to change your hoover or configuration, we recommend that you contact the after-sales service department for advice specific to your situation and machine model.

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Connecting nozzle

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