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Trait'Plus Performance 25L

Reference -BL00540024

Trait'Plus Performance 25L BL00540024

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Trait'Plus Performance 25L

Trait'Plus Performance 25L

Trait'Plus Performance 25L is a multi-purpose treatment for the prevention and treatment of wood, whether used indoors or outdoors. It acts as an insecticide, fungicide and anti-termite agent, offering complete protection against wood-destroying fungi (such as decay fungi) and wood-eating insects (such as longhorn beetles, beetles, lyctus and termites). Its microemulsion formula is highly penetrating, allowing long-lasting fixation of the active agents on all types of wood, whether softwood or hardwood. What's more, it's colourless and non-greasy, preserving the natural appearance of the wood, and can be covered with a variety of finishes such as paint, woodstain or varnish.


Advantages :

- Ready-to-use: It's available as a ready-to-use product, making it easy to use.
- Complete protection: It acts as an insecticide, fungicide and antitermite, offering comprehensive protection against various pests.
- Suitable for all types of wood: It can be used on all types of wood, whether softwood or hardwood.
- For use indoors and outdoors: Suitable for treating roof timbers, beams and parquet flooring indoors, as well as shutters, gates and cladding outdoors.
- Varied application methods: It can be applied by brushing, spraying or injection, offering flexibility in application as required.
- Compatible with a range of finishes: It can be overcoated with all common finishes such as paint, stain or varnish, helping to maintain the desired appearance of the wood.
- Odourless: It is formulated to be odourless, making it pleasant to use without causing discomfort.


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Trait'Plus Performance 25L

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