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Black elastomer rivet foot - Repex Floor
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Black elastomer rivet foot

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Black elastomer rivet foot 9003

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Black elastomer rivet foot

Black elastomer rivet foot

Black elastomer rivet foot for 4D PSL sanders 

The rivet foot is used to hold items such as counterweights or the hoover in place above the sander.

Counterweights are often used in sanders to balance the weight of the machine and minimise vibration during sanding. Without a rivet foot to hold the counterweights in place, they could move during use, which could result in excessive vibration and poor sanding quality. By using a rivet foot to hold the counterweights in place, you can be sure that the tool will remain balanced and stable during sanding.

Similarly, sanders can be fitted with a hoover to collect dust and debris generated during sanding. If the hoover is not properly secured in place, it could move or come loose during use, which could reduce its effectiveness and cause dust and debris to accumulate on the sanding pad. By using a rivet foot to hold the hoover in place, you can ensure that it stays in position during sanding and operates efficiently.

In summary, the rivet foot in a sander can be used to hold components in place and prevent chafing. By holding the counterweights or vacuum firmly in place, you can ensure efficient and even sanding, as well as effective dust and debris collection.

Remember to change them regularly. 

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Black elastomer rivet foot

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