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Full stand

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Full stand 9301C

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Full stand

Full stand

for PSL sander

The stand for the Alizé sander is an important part of the appliance which fulfils several essential functions:

1. Stabilisation: The stand stabilises the sander when it is not in use. It holds the sander in a horizontal position, preventing any direct contact between the sanding surface and the work surface when the machine is not in use. This protects the sanding surface and also prevents potential damage to the workpiece.

2. Easier sanding belt change: The stand makes it easier to change the sanding belt by holding the sander in a stable position, which simplifies access to the belt fastening system. It allows the user to release or tighten the sanding belt safely and efficiently.

3. Safety: When the sander is running, the stand must be folded or raised so that the machine is in contact with the work surface. This prevents the sander from sinking into the surface when you start it, which can be dangerous.

Wear points on the Alizé sander stand and when to replace it :

1. Mechanical wear: The kickstand can wear out over time, especially if the sander is used frequently or in difficult working conditions. Signs of mechanical wear include cracks, deformation or weakening of the structure of the stand. If you notice such signs, it is necessary to replace the stand to maintain the stability and safety of the sander.

2. Difficulty holding position: If the stand is no longer able to hold the sander in a horizontal position when it is stopped, it is time to replace it. A defective stand can lead to scratches on the sanding surface and damage to the workpiece.

3. Safety problems: If the stand does not lock properly when in the raised or folded position, it may pose a risk to the user. Make sure that the stand is working properly to ensure safe use of the sander.

The frequency with which the stand should be replaced will depend on the use of the sander and the condition of the workpiece. It is recommended that you consult the Alizé sander user manual or contact the Repex Floor manufacturer for specific recommendations on maintenance and replacement of the kickstand, as procedures may vary depending on the model. However, as soon as you notice signs of wear or failure of the kickstand, it is important to replace it to ensure the stability, safety and performance of the sander.

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Full stand

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