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Turbine sub-assembly - Repex Floor
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Turbine sub-assembly

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Turbine sub-assembly 12060000

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Turbine sub-assembly

Turbine sub-assembly 

Turbine sub-assembly for Major Force sanders, Typhon2

The turbine sub-assembly in the sander's vacuum system is an important component contributing to the overall efficiency of dust and debris extraction during sander operation. Here are its main functions and wear points to watch out for:

Turbine sub-assembly functions :

1. Dust extraction: The turbine sub-assembly is responsible for creating the suction force that captures dust particles and debris generated during sanding. This keeps the working environment clean and reduces dust dispersion in the air.

2. Cooling : In some cases, the turbine sub-assembly may also serve to cool the motor or other sander components by removing heat generated during operation.

Wear points to watch out for on the turbine sub-assembly:

1. Blade wear: Turbine blades can wear down over time as a result of abrasion caused by sucked-in dust particles. Excessive wear can significantly reduce suction efficiency.

2. Deformation or damage : The turbine sub-assembly may be damaged by dust particles or foreign objects which could be sucked in. This may result in excessive vibration, abnormal noise or malfunction of the sander.

3. Clogging: If the impeller sub-assembly becomes clogged with debris or accumulated dust, this can lead to a loss of suction efficiency.

It is usually necessary to replace the turbine sub-assembly when any of the following occurs:

1. You observe a significant reduction in suction efficiency, even after cleaning and regular maintenance.

2. Excessive vibration, abnormal noise or malfunction of the sander.

3. Visual inspection reveals damage or significant wear to turbine sub-assembly blades.

4. The turbine sub-assembly is severely clogged and cleaning does not resolve the problem.

The exact moment when you need to change this part may vary according to the frequency of use of the sander, the intensity of the work performed and the quality of maintenance. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer for specific recommendations concerning maintenance and replacement of the turbine assembly. As a general rule, it's best to follow a regular maintenance program to prolong the life of this part and keep your sander's performance at an optimum level.

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Turbine sub-assembly

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