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Rear wheel

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Rear wheel 12080800

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Rear wheel

Rear wheel

Rear wheel for MAJOR, CYCLONE sanders 

The rear wheel of the sander is an essential component of this power tool. This part plays an important role in the operation of the sander, ensuring its stability and balance during use. It is responsible for two main functions: maintaining the sander's stability on the surface to be sanded and distributing the tool's weight evenly to make it easier for the user to handle.

The rear wheel performs several important functions in the operation of the sander:

1. Stability: The rear wheel helps to keep the sander stable during use. It ensures constant support on the surface to be sanded, making it easier for the user to control the tool and producing an even sanding result.

2. Balance: The rear wheel helps to distribute the sander's weight evenly, making the tool easier to handle and reducing user fatigue.

When it comes to wear points on the rear wheel of the Major sander wheel train, here are a few things to consider:

1. Wheel material: The rear wheel is generally made of rubber or a similar material. Over time and with use, this material can wear or deteriorate.

2. Abrasion: Abrasion is the main cause of wear on the rear wheel. The more you use the sander, the more wear the rear wheel can sustain, particularly if you are working on rough or abrasive surfaces.

3. Deterioration: The rear wheel can also deteriorate due to exposure to aggressive chemicals, excessive heat or ultraviolet light.

It is necessary to change the rear wheel of the Major sander when you notice the following signs:

1. Excessive wear: If the surface of the rear wheel is badly worn, this can affect the stability and efficiency of the sander.

2. Deterioration: If the rear wheel shows signs of deterioration, such as cracks, deformation or tears, it is essential to replace it to avoid any risk of malfunction or accident.

3. Loss of grip: If the rear wheel loses its grip due to wear, this can lead to sander control problems and uneven sanding.

In summary, the rear wheel of the sander wheel train plays an essential role in the stability and balance of the tool during sanding. It can wear over time due to abrasion and deterioration. You should replace it as soon as you notice excessive wear, deterioration or loss of adhesion to ensure the sander works properly and the user is safe. Be sure to follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's instructions for replacing the rear wheel or consult a power tool repair professional if you are unsure.

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Rear wheel

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