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Matt sports sealant 9L - Repex Floor
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Matt sports sealant 9L

Reference -BL09220057

Matt sports sealant 9L BL09220057

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Matt sports sealant 9L

Matt sports sealant 9L

Matt sports sealant 9L, two-component water-based polyurethane sealant, known as Sport, is specially designed for sports floors. It has the following characteristics:

1. Odourless: Sport has been formulated to be odourless during application, ensuring a comfortable environment when using sports floors.

2. Non-slip : This sealant has been rigorously tested to DIN 18032 and NF EN 13036-4 to ensure a safe anti-slip coating on sports hall floors.

3. Uniform appearance: It provides a uniform, even finish, giving a perfect appearance to the playing surface and enhancing the aesthetics of the floor.

4. Exceptional wear resistance: Thanks to its special formulation, Sportoff offers effective, long-lasting protection against wear, even in demanding sports environments.

5. Compatibility with different types of wood: It can be applied to all types of wood commonly used in sports flooring, offering a versatile solution.

6. Light shade to enhance the wood: Its light shade protects and enhances the wood's natural grain and tone.


High resistance to wear and tear and black shoe marks: This sealant is specially formulated to resist daily wear and tear and unwanted marks caused by shoes, guaranteeing a durable, attractive surface.
Non-slip according to DIN 18032 and NF EN 13036-4: Sport has been rigorously tested and meets safety standards for non-slip properties. It provides a safe, non-slip surface, reducing the risk of falls and ensuring user safety.
Recommended for staircases and areas where a high level of grip is required: Due to its high level of anti-slip properties, this sealant is also recommended for staircases and areas where a maximum level of grip is required, ensuring extra safety.  
American finish (satin-gloss)


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Matt sports sealant 9L

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