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Liquid natural wax 1L - Repex Floor
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Liquid natural wax 1L

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Liquid natural wax 1L BL04101375

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Liquid colourless wax 1L

Liquid colourless wax 1L

Liquid wax for waxed wood maintenance is specially designed to renovate waxed parquet, wooden floors, terracotta floors and furniture easily and effectively. By restoring their original shine, this nourishing and protective liquid wax has extremely powerful waxing properties. Its fluid texture makes it easy to polish, allowing for easy application to achieve remarkable results.


1. Optimum protection: It provides a high level of protection to preserve the beauty and integrity of wood.

2. Enhances wood: By bringing out the natural colours and patterns of the wood, it reveals its full beauty.

3. Easy to apply: Thanks to its fluid texture, it spreads easily over the surfaces to be treated.

4. Brilliant shine : It gives a glossy finish that makes floors and furniture look neat and attractive.

5. Quick-drying: Its quick-drying formula means you can enjoy results quickly without waiting long.

6. High hard wax content: Its composition rich in hard waxes ensures long-lasting protection and increased resistance to external aggression.

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Liquid colourless wax 1L

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