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Hose clamp Ø208 - Repex Floor
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Hose clamp Ø208

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Hose clamp Ø208 12110104

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Hose clamp Ø208

Hose clamp Ø208

for CYCLONE sanders

TheHose clamp Ø208 on the Cyclone sander plays an essential role in securing and holding certain sander components, such as filter elements, dust bags and connecting parts.

Here are its main functions and the signs of wear to look out for:

Clamp function: The Ø208 clamp is designed to firmly hold in place components or parts of the Cyclone sander that need to be securely attached to ensure safe and efficient operation of the appliance. It can be used to secure dust filtration components, for example.

Wear points on the hose clamp and when to replace it

1. Mechanical wear: The clamp can suffer mechanical wear due to repeated tightening and loosening. Signs of mechanical wear include loss of clamping capacity or problems holding parts in place. If you notice that the clamp is no longer tightening properly or holding components securely in place, it is time to replace it.

2. Physical damage: The clamp may also be subject to physical damage, such as deformation, cracks or breakage. Any visible damage is a clear indication that the clamp needs to be replaced to ensure that the parts are properly secured.

3. Leaks or dust dispersion: If you find that dust filtration components such as dust bags or connecting hoses are not holding in place correctly, this may indicate that the clamp is no longer working properly. In this case, we recommend replacing it to prevent dust leaks and ensure effective filtration.

The frequency of replacement of the Ø208 clamp will depend on its use and working conditions. It is important to regularly check the condition of the clamp and to watch for the signs of wear or failure mentioned above. As soon as you notice any problems with the tightening, holding or securing of Cyclone sander components, it is recommended that you replace the clamp to ensure safe and efficient operation of the appliance. Be sure to choose a replacement clamp that is compatible with your Cyclone sander model.

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Hose clamp Ø208

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