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Front castor with brake - Repex Floor
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Front castor with brake

Reference -AR3494

Front castor with brake AR3494

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Front castor with brake

Front castor with brake

Front castor with brake for central vacuum unit 7500

Front castor with brake for Central Vacuum 7500

The front swivel wheel with brake plays a similar role to the conventional swivel wheel, but has an additional braking function.
Here's what it does and when it may need replacing:

Role of the front swivel wheel with brake in a central vacuum unit :

1. Facilitates movement: Like the conventional swivel wheel, the swivel wheel with brake facilitates movement of the central vacuum unit by allowing it to rotate on its axis.

2. Improved manoeuvrability: The presence of a brake on the swivel wheel locks the rotation of the wheel, offering better control and improved manoeuvrability when the central vacuum unit needs to be held in a particular position.

3. Safety: The brake can also play a role in safety by preventing the central vacuum unit from moving unintentionally, for example when it is positioned on a slope or slippery surface. The brake is also useful for transport, as it prevents the unit from being moved in a lorry.

When to consider changing the front castor wheel with brake:

1. Brake wear: If the brake is no longer working properly or is showing signs of wear, it may be necessary to replace the swivel wheel with brake. A defective brake can compromise the stability and safety of the unit.

2. Difficulty locking or unlocking: If you have difficulty locking or unlocking the brake, this may indicate a problem with the braking mechanism. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the castor wheel.

3. Handling problems: If the castor wheel does not turn properly, even when the brake is unlocked, or if it impedes the movement of the unit, this may require inspection and possible replacement.

4. Abnormal noise: Unusual noises from the castor or brake mechanism may indicate mechanical problems. Persistent noise may require immediate attention.

As with any mechanical part, normal wear and tear may be a reason for replacement, especially if the caster is frequently used. In case of doubt or persistent problems, it is advisable to consult a professional for a precise diagnosis and advice on the possible replacement of the part.

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Front castor with brake

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