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Fixed wheel axle PLE PSL - Repex Floor
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Fixed wheel axle PLE PSL

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Fixed wheel axle PLE PSL 2306

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Fixed wheel axle PLE PSL

Fixed wheel axle PLE PSL 

Fixed wheel axle PLE PSL sanders  

Wheel axles are essential components that allow the wheels to rotate, contributing to the mobility of the machine. These axles ensure that the wheels move smoothly when the sander is moved over different surfaces, making it easier to use.

As for the right time to consider replacing these parts, there are a number of signs that may indicate the need for an intervention:

1. Excessive play: If the wheel axles show excessive play, resulting in abnormal lateral or vertical movement, this may compromise the stability of the sander when moving, indicating the need to replace them.

2. Wear or deformation: Significant wear, deformation, cracks or other visible signs of damage to the wheel axles may warrant replacement to ensure the safe and correct operation of the sander.

3. Difficulty turning the wheels: If the wheels have difficulty turning due to problems with the axles, this may result in excessive resistance when moving the sander, possibly necessitating replacement of the axles.

It is essential to stress that the warranty applies exclusively to items sold by Repex Floor or its authorised distributors. Any replacement or repair must be carried out in accordance with the warranty conditions specified by Repex Floor.

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Fixed wheel axle PLE PSL

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