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Expandable drum - Repex Floor
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Expandable drum

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Expandable drum 1101M

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Expandable drum

Expandable drum

Expandable drum for Ouragan heavy-duty sander

The expandable drum is another part used in Ouragan heavy sanders, offering an alternative to the jaw drum. This type of drum has several important features:

1. Adjustable expansion: Unlike the clamp drum, the expandable drum is designed to expand or contract as required. It is usually fitted with an adjusting screw that enables the diameter of the drum to be adjusted to suit the size of abrasive being used. This feature ensures that the abrasive is firmly and securely fixed to the drum, whatever its size.

2. Versatility: The expandable drum offers greater versatility in terms of abrasive choice. Because it can be adjusted to suit different abrasive sizes, you can use a wider range of abrasives. This allows you to adjust the level of sanding aggressiveness to suit your specific needs.

3. Rotation and direction of rotation: When using an expanding drum on your Ouragan sander, it is important to pay attention to the direction of rotation engraved on the drum. This information tells you in which direction the drum should rotate for optimum performance. Following the recommended direction of rotation correctly will ensure that the drum expands correctly and that the abrasive is securely fixed.

4. Replacement and availability: As with the clamshell drum, the expanding drum can also wear out over time and require replacement beyond regular maintenance. Make sure you get the right model of expanding drum for your Ouragan sander!  You can only obtain this part from the manufacturer, i.e. Repex Floor. 

In summary, the Ouragan heavy-duty sanding drum offers an adjustable and versatile attachment that allows the drum diameter to be adapted to different sizes of abrasive. It offers greater versatility in the choice of abrasives and lets you adjust the aggressiveness of sanding to suit your needs.

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Expandable drum

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