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Electronic motor card V1.0 FR - Repex Floor
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Electronic motor card V1.0 FR

Reference -14010105

Electronic motor card V1.0 FR 14010105

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Electronic motor card V1.0 FR

Motor electronics board V1.0 FR

Motor electronics board V1.0 FR developed by REPEX FLOOR to power the Monobrosse 4D.

Valid only for French electrical standards.

Electronic motor card V1.0 FR developed by REPEX FLOOR to power the Monobrosse 4D.

Only valid for French electrical standards. 

The V1.0 France electronic motor board on the 4D monobrush sander is an essential component of the electrical system that controls the sander motor. This electronic board is responsible for regulating the motor speed, managing the operating parameters and controlling the electrical power supplied to the motor.

The main functions of the electronic motor board V1.0 France may include:

1. Speed control: the electronic board regulates the motor speed according to user-defined parameters, allowing the sanding speed to be adapted as required.

2. Motor protection: the electronic board monitors and protects the motor against electrical overloads and overheating, ensuring safe operation and extended motor life

3. Function management: the electronic board can manage other motor-related functions, such as reversing the direction of rotation in certain models of single-brush sanders.

When to change the V1.0 France motor circuit board depends on its operating condition and any problems encountered when using the sander. Here are a few signs that may indicate that it's time to change the part:

1. Motor malfunction: If the motor does not work properly, does not start or cuts out unexpectedly, this may be linked to a problem with the electronic board.

2. Speed problems: If the motor speed is irregular, fluctuates unexpectedly or no longer regulates correctly, this may be due to a malfunction on the electronic board.

3. Error code: some models of sander may display error codes on the control screen if there is a problem with the electronic board.

If you experience any of the above problems or suspect that the V1.0 France motor circuit board is faulty, it is advisable to have the sander checked and repaired by a qualified Repex Service Centre. Replacement of the electronic board may be necessary if it is irreversibly damaged or if problems persist despite repair attempts.
It is important to note that any work on electrical components must be carried out by a qualified technician, as this may present a safety risk and may also invalidate the product warranty if unapproved parts are used.

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Electronic motor card V1.0 FR

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