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Eco Garnishing Roll - Repex Floor
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Eco Garnishing Roll

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Eco Garnishing Roll A00080

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Eco Garnishing Roll

Eco Garnishing Roll

Eco Garnishing Roll

The Eco Garnishing Roll features an exclusive composition of polyester microfibres with bevelled ends. It's a great solution for applying matt, velvety or satin-finish sealants. Its meticulous design ensures good absorbency, facilitating effective absorption of the coat of sealant while guaranteeing even, blemish-free coverage.

Polyester microfibre technology gives the roller excellent performance, ensuring even application of varnish while promoting even distribution over the surface. Thanks to its bevelled ends, the roller allows precise handling, offering excellent control during application.

One of the strengths of the Eco Roller Pad is its absorbency, which allows varnish to be absorbed quickly while preventing any loss of fibres. This feature ensures clean, efficient use, reducing the risk of unwanted residues in the paint applied.

Whether you're a professional painter, the Eco Padding Roller is the ideal tool for achieving impeccable results. Reliable and powerful, this roller offers a hassle-free application experience, while ensuring a quality finish on a variety of surfaces.

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Eco Garnishing Roll

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