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Drum mounting washer - Repex Floor
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Drum mounting washer

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Drum mounting washer 12120300

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Drum mounting washer

Drum mounting washer

Drum mounting washer for MAJOR CYCLONE TORNADE TYPHON2 sanders

The drum mounting washer on a sander is an essential part of holding the sanding drum in place on the sander. It is used to ensure that the drum remains firmly attached to the sander shaft or axle during operation.

Here's what it does and some information about wear and replacement:

1. Role of the drum fixing washer :

   - Stabilisation: Helps keep the sanding drum in place and prevents excessive movement during sanding.

   - Balancing: Helps balance the rotation of the drum to prevent excessive vibration and ensure even sanding.

   - Damage reduction: It also protects the sander shaft or axle by distributing pressure evenly.

2. Drum mounting washer wear points :

   - Physical wear: Over time and with use, the washer can wear due to constant friction between the sanding drum and the washer.

   - Damage: Damage such as deformation or cracks can occur as a result of overstressing or incorrect use of the sander.

- Ageing: Even if there is no visible damage, the washer material may age and lose strength over time.

3. When is it necessary to change the drum mounting washer?

   - The washer is damaged: If you notice cracks, deformation or other obvious signs of damage to the washer, it's time to replace it.

   - Excessive wear: If the washer shows signs of severe wear, this can affect the stability and performance of the sander, which may require replacement.

   - Excessive vibration: If you experience excessive vibration or instability when using the sander, this may be due to a worn or damaged washer.

It is essential to consult the Repex Floor manufacturer of your sander for specific information on maintenance and parts replacement. In any case, if you suspect that the drum fixing washer is worn or damaged, it is recommended that it is replaced as soon as possible to ensure the safety and performance of your sander.

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Drum mounting washer

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