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Conical socket - Repex Floor
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Conical socket

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Conical socket 7105

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Conical socket

Conical socket 

Conical socket for R200 hoover

The Conical socket on the tank is an air outlet. It can have several functions, including :

1. Air evacuation: They allow the air sucked in to leave the tank after passing through the filter and filter elements.

2. Connecting accessories: They can be used as a connection point for hoses or specific accessories, such as brushes or nozzles.

As for the question of when to change this part, here are a few situations in which this might be necessary:

- Cracks or physical damage: If the tapered plug is cracked, broken or physically damaged, this can lead to unwanted air leakage.

- Loss of seal: If the connection is no longer watertight, this could affect suction efficiency.

- Obstruction: If the plug is blocked by debris, this could impede airflow and reduce the hoover's performance.

As far as the insulation function is concerned, it is unlikely that a tapered inlet in the canister is specifically designed for sound insulation. Sound insulation is usually provided by specific materials in the parts of the canister that surround the motor and other noise-generating components.

Consult the Repex Floor manufacturer for specific information on tapered plugs and recommended maintenance intervals.

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Conical socket

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