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Fork 1220C

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Fork with bearing + axle + wheel + cover 

The belt sander fork, comprising the bearing, axle, wheel and cover, is a crucial mechanical part that plays an essential role in the mechanism that guides and moves the sander wheels. This part is located at the end of the sander and supports and guides the wheels, allowing the sander to move smoothly over the surface to be sanded.

The role of the fork and its components is to allow smooth, controlled and stable movement of the belt sander during sanding. Here is the role of each component:

1. Bearing: the ball bearing ensures smooth movement of the axle and wheel, reducing friction and resistance as the sander moves.

2. Spindle: The spindle holds the wheel in place and allows it to move, either horizontally or vertically, depending on the type of sander. It plays an essential role in the stability and precision of the sander's movement.

3. Wheel: the wheel, fitted with rubber tyres for better grip, is in direct contact with the surface to be sanded. It allows the sander to move smoothly and follow the contours of the surface.

4. Cover: The cover covers and protects the fork's internal components, such as the bearing and axle. It also prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt, which can extend the life of the components.

When should I consider changing my fork?

1. Wear: Like any moving mechanical part, fork components can wear over time and with regular use. If you notice signs of wear such as deformation, excessive friction, large clearances or irregular wheel movement, it's time to replace the fork.

2. Malfunction: if the sander does not move smoothly, steadily or in a controlled manner, the fork and its components may be malfunctioning.

3. Damage: shocks, impacts or incorrect use can damage the fork components, compromising their operation and the quality of the sanding.

In conclusion, the fork is an essential mechanical part that allows the sander to move smoothly and in a controlled manner over the surface to be sanded. If you notice any signs of wear, malfunction or damage to the fork or its components, it is advisable to replace them. Make sure you choose quality replacement components and follow Repex Floor instructions for their installation. Regular replacement of the fork and its components will help maintain optimum performance of the belt sander and ensure accurate and efficient sanding.

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