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Aquastain White 8997 1L - Repex Floor
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Aquastain White 8997 1L

Reference -BL00046610

Aquastain White 8997 1L BL00046610

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Aquastain White 8997 1L

Aquastain White 8997 1L

Aquastain White 8997 1L


Aquastain White 8997 1L is a water-based stain containing micro-pigments. It is designed to give a touch of colour to all types of wood for interior use. As well as giving the wood a uniform appearance, it highlights its natural patterns.

This solution provides a uniform colouring that highlights the wood's patterns, offering the possibility of subsequent finishes with oil or varnish.

What's more, the different shades can be easily mixed together to create customised nuances.

Ensures uniform colouring that enhances the natural characteristics of the wood.
Can be finished with oil or varnish.
Allows colours to be mixed to create custom shades.
Be sure to remove all previous coats of finish and clean the floor, removing any residue. For sanding, follow the appropriate method: start with a deep sanding with 60-80-100 grit, followed by an abrasive sanding with 100 grit sandpaper. This treatment is suitable for planed, sanded or brushed wood surfaces. Before application, it is advisable to dampen the floor slightly to avoid overlaps.

Stir well before and during use to ensure complete dissolution of any residue. Aquastain White 8997 1L evenly with a roller or brush in the direction of the wood grain. Remove excess product after 2 minutes with a dry cloth or brush.

Drying time is 3 to 4 hours, depending on the quantity applied, ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Once completely dry, smooth the surface with a pad if necessary. Then remove any residue or dust from the surface before applying the finishes with oil or varnish. If you are using a varnish, it is advisable to sand lightly before applying the final protective coat.

When using Aquastain White 8997 1L, use only stainless materials and clean all equipment with water immediately after use. The final colour depends on the type of wood, sanding, preparation and quantity applied. We strongly advise you to carry out a colour test beforehand!

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Aquastain White 8997 1L

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