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Typhon 1 motor

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three-phase female socket - Repex Floor
three-phase female socket 54462
33.60€ Excluding VAT
Motor pulley PLO - Repex Floor
Motor pulley PLO 1912
152.00€ Excluding VAT
Motor lock button - Repex Floor
Motor lock button 12090104
2.29€ Excluding VAT
extension socket 220V - Repex Floor
extension socket 220V 1955F
30.90€ Excluding VAT
220V power plug - Repex Floor
220V power plug 1955M
23.20€ Excluding VAT
Complete red push button - Repex Floor
Complete red push button 23715
32.80€ Excluding VAT
Standard male plug - Repex Floor
Standard male plug 55570
11.35€ Excluding VAT

Typhon 1 motor

Typhon 1 motor spare parts

Typhon 1 sander motor spares include essential components such as the pulley, extension lead and electrical plug. These elements play a crucial role in power transmission and electrical connectivity, ensuring the tool operates reliably and efficiently.

Some spare parts for the Typhoon 1 motor are available on this page.