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R200 Wheel set

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Swivel wheel - Repex Floor
Swivel wheel 7202
12.52€ Excluding VAT
Wheel train - Repex Floor
Wheel train 7200
84.00€ Excluding VAT
Fixed wheel - Repex Floor
Fixed wheel 7203
8.39€ Excluding VAT
Carabiner hook - Repex Floor
Carabiner hook 7206
0.73€ Excluding VAT

R200 Wheel set 

Spare parts for the R200 Wheel set 

The spare parts for the R200vacuum's wheel train are crucial to its mobility and manoeuvrability. The wheels ensure smooth movement, while the carabiner secures it in place. The compression springs ensure optimum contact with the floor. These spare parts are essential for maintaining the performance and ease of use of the R200 hoover.

Some loose parts for the R200 Wheel Train are available on this page.