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R200 Tank

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Conical socket - Repex Floor
Conical socket 7105
36.50€ Excluding VAT
Conical socket seal - Repex Floor
Conical socket seal 7106
1.63€ Excluding VAT
Hoover bag seal - Repex Floor
Hoover bag seal 7196
23.70€ Excluding VAT
Mounting bracket - Repex Floor
Mounting bracket 7102
5.32€ Excluding VAT

R200 Tank 

R200 Tank spare parts

The spare parts for the R200 canister are essential to ensure effective debris collection. These include the hoover bag seal, which ensures an effective seal, and the bag clamp, which holds the bag in place. These spare parts help to keep the hoover canister clean, ensuring reliable cleaning and prolonged use of the appliance.

Some loose parts for the R200 canister are available on this page.

Certaines pièces détâchées du R200 Tank sont disponibles sur cette page.